Reminder: Transition Portfolio Content

Reminder: Transition Portfolio Content

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Dear Students and Faculty,

Please note the community tab will be removed from Engage during the update this coming Saturday. The information below should help if you need to transition an existing portfolio to the new Engage portfolio tool.

Please contact the PSC if you have any questions!


We are excited to introduce the new Engage Portfolio tool!  The Engage Portfolio will be accessible through your new Engage Program Community groups and allows students to centralize their work from multiple courses, show it to others, and track progress towards academic and professional goals. The Program Communities will also be the place to communicate with fellow students in your program, find program resources, and view program announcements. 

Both the Program Community groups and the Portfolio tool exist outside of individual courses and participation is not mandatory.  We have included answers to frequently asked questions regarding the new portfolio and community groups below.

When will I gain access to the Program Community group and how do I access that group?
Online students will be enrolled in a Program Community group between June 14th-15th and notified of that enrollment via email. You will be able to access your program community group through the courses dropdown menu in the global navigation or the Activity Stream block on your site Dashboard.

How do I access my Engage Portfolio?
Once you have access to the Program community group, you can initiate your portfolio setup by clicking the Engage Portfolio activity.  After your portfolio has been activated, you can continue to access the Portfolio through your program community group, or there‚Äôs a direct link to the portfolio inside the tool.
What about files that I've already stored in my portfolio?
You can migrate portfolio files that you have stored by exporting them from the old portfolio tool and importing them into the Engage portfolio.  Instructions for importing and exporting can be found here:

Access to the old portfolio will be removed as a part of the scheduled update on June 24, so please have any files that you want to save in your portfolio migrated before that date.
If you have not used the portfolio tool in the past, the migration process will not to apply to you.

If you have any questions about these changes please feel free to reach out to the PSC or your SSC.

Thank you!